If you burn unseasoned, green, or wet wood it is not going to put out a sufficient amount of heat Your fire will be smokey and more polluting.

A good cure for an unhealthy fire is Woodstocks Wood. It’s better for your fire and the environment! Abiding by the GoodWood guidelines means the air will be less polluted, your wood burner will be cheaper to run, your fire will burn HOTTER and your house will be WARMER!

Our seasoned firewood has a moisture content of 25% or less, which is within the "GoodWood" guidelines.

Some tips to help clear the air:

Dry wood by storing it in a well ventilated, covered area that is not going to let water in.

We encourage you to do the 'goodwood' test on our firewood: strike two pieces together to see if they make a crisp 'crack' sound, this will indicate that the wood is dry.

Even if your wood is dry, store it in a shed or under a cover to prevent rain and moisture getting into as this will decrease burning efficiency.

Tips for a cosy clean burning fire:

Place crumpled newspaper in base.

Place several pieces of kindling across and around the paper.

Place more crumpled paper on top of kindling.

Place more kindling on top, smaller or lighter pieces.

Ignite fire using lighter or matches and partly shut fire door to let fire establish.

After seeing that kindling is burning, add two or three slightly larger pieces of wood.

Gradually build up the wood size until burning about three logs at a time on your fire.

Don't bank your fire down at night as this wastes wood, increases smoke and does not continue to heat your home.