Woodstocks is a family owned and operated business which John & Chrissy have built up into one of the dominant providers of quality firewood in the Hawke’s Bay region.

Their success has been built over 20 years with a strong focus on quality & service (and good old fashioned hard work) recognizing the value of having satisfied customers over the long term

Woodstocks has also been at the forefront of recent local government initiatives aimed at improving air quality by reducing the polluting effects of poorly seasoned (green or wet) firewood. This concept is becoming widely known as “Good Wood”

Our Good Wood is produced from logs which have had up to 2 years exposure to the Hawke’s Bay sunshine. The logs are the split & again given time & exposure to attain optimal burning qualities

Good Wood burns hotter!

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John & Chrissy
Chrissy loading the truck
Chrissy & another happy customer
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No log is too big to handle More stock arriving Wood drying, readying for processing
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Wood been processed Staff happy at work More happy staff
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We go to extraordinary lengths to get your wood Ready for another load New cube bag ready to go
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Dry well seasoned firewood waiting despatch to customers